Welcome to TRUSTe's Trusted Download Feedback and Resolution System

TRUSTe works with participants in our Trusted Downloads program to encourage them to offer consumers meaningful notice and choice, and to ensure that downloads certified by TRUSTe are malware-free and easy to uninstall.

If you have a concern about software certified under our Trusted Download Program, please click "Submit a Request" above. This service is at no cost to consumers. You will be asked to fill out a short form describing the issue you wish to report. TRUSTe will review your concern and we'll try to help get the issue worked out. We'll work with you and the company providing the certified software to facilitate resolution of any concerns that fall within our authority under our program (which is voluntary for companies to join).

Why TRUSTe Collects These Reports:

  • If you experienced an incompatibility or want to report an issue with a certified application in our program, we want to know. We're committed to protecting consumers under our program.
  • Consumer reports play an important part in helping TRUSTe monitor for problems under our program. By reporting an issue, we have the opportunity to get involved and try to facilitate resolution by the company you are reporting.
  • Your report may also help improve things for other consumers who might otherwise encounter the same issue. We value reports from consumers, and appreciate your input.
  • This information is collected and used in accordance with TRUSTe's Privacy Policy. If you wish to submit a report without providing your name, you can enter NoName instead of your name; if you wish to receive response by e-mail, you must provide a working e-mail address where you can receive e-mail; otherwise you can enter noname-report@truste.com if you do not wish to provide an e-mail address where you can be reached. Please note that certain requests (such as those requiring account-specific research or changes) cannot be resolved without being able to provide identifying information to the company you reported.

Next Steps:

If you proceed with filing a report, here's what you can expect as next steps:

  • Our system will e-mail you with an automated acknowledgment that we got the report, and will include the tracking number assigned to your report.
  • TRUSTe will then analyze the issue to determine whether it is an issue we have authority to address (this typically takes 1-2 business days, but may take up to 10 business days depending on the volume we are handling at any particular time).
  • TRUSTe may then contact you to let you know if we need more clarification from you or if the issue is outside the scope of our authority.
  • TRUSTe may then follow up with the software provider to request that they research and respond regarding the issue.
  • You can post updates to your report via e-mail or by (optionally) creating an account through this Trusted Download Feedback and Resolution System.

Please click "Submit a Request" above to begin.